It is of great importance that window and glass manufacturers keep a close eye on whether or not the windows and glass manufactured in their factories or facilities do comply with the National Construction Code and/or the Australian Standards applicable.

Recently I came across a matter which I handled for a client where the builder had installed windows manufactured by a windows manufacturer.

Upon installing these windows there was some heavy subsequent rain which found its way through these manufactured windows into the residential property. The damage caused was around $100,000.00.

Upon close examination by building experts, it was found that the windows were missing the required gaskets and/or seals. As a result of this faulty manufacture, the builder who had to install the windows ended up having a claim made against him.

Upon further inspection of the windows, it revealed that the certification labels (which is required by AS2047) were missing as well. The certification by the windows manufacturer was given was also missing the critical information such as serviceability, window pressure and water penetration resistance.

The windows therefore installed were not fit for purpose and defective.

It is critical that window manufacturers comply with the requirements prior to the windows being delivered on site for installation.


Written by Atul Singh

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