Has this happened to you at work?

  • You are walking down some stairs and twist and hurt your knee;
  • You lift a box that is much heavier than you thought and hurt your back;
  • Your boss or supervisor is making unreasonable demands regarding your work duties and you are feeling stressed.

It is very important if you sustain any injury at work, no matter how minor you might consider it to be, to ensure that that injury is reported in writing to your supervisor or boss.

You might consider the injury as trivial and the pain will not last too long.

You might feel embarrassed about reporting what might be regarded as a trivial injury.

You may be worried about complaining about stress that you are experiencing in the work place.

But many a workers compensation claim is denied by the insurance company if an injury is not properly reported.

Make sure you report that injury and keep a copy of the report for your own records.

If you have been injured at work give our lawyers at Adams & Partners a call and we’ll sort you out.

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