In 2015, New South Wales introduced the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, this is the first of it’s kind to be undertaken in Australia. The United Kingdom introduced a similar initiative some many years ago, it was known as “Clare’s Law”.

ABS statistics identify that domestic violence very rarely occurs in isolation. It is the crime with the highest rate of recidivism. 61.5% of domestic violence victims in Australia have experienced more than one incident of domestic violence.

The main objective of the Scheme is to allow people to inquire with NSW Police about whether their partner has a history of domestic violence. The intention is to allow people to make an informed decision about whether their relationship is at risk of experiencing violence.

The scheme allows for both a the person and a family member of the person to make an application with the NSW Police. The concept under the legislation is “the right to ask and the right to know”. Third party’s include family members, co-workers or anyone with a significant interest in the safety of the person in the relationship.

If you are concerned whether your name is on the Domestic Violence Register or you wish to access the Register, please contact our office today.


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