COVID-19 Relief

Since the implementation of COVID-19 restrictions and, in particular since the New South Wales lockdown commenced in late June 2021, many businesses have found it difficult to continue operations. Likewise, many individuals have been left struggling to make ends meet Yesterday the Government announced a Small Business Relief Package to assist Small Businesses in managing […]

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & Estate Planning

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is gripping the Australian nation and creating a plethora of issues for businesses throughout the country. However, individuals are also worried about the ways that they can protect themselves from this crisis. From a legal standpoint, the best thing to do is make sure your estate planning documents are up to

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Will Covid-19 impact your business?

With Covid-19 (or coronavirus) now declared a global pandemic, one cannot help but to consider the potential impact on the economy with entire sectors now at risk. If you are a business and employ staff, you may unfortunately need to give urgent consideration to cutting business costs which could mean some significant staff changes. While

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