The Swimming Pool Amendment Bill, currently awaiting enactment, provides that all swimming pools across the state are to be added to a new online registry within 12 months.

Property owners who don’t register their pools within that time frame will face fines of $2,200.00.
Safety compliance will also be carried out by councils and private operators at an expected cost of $150.

In addition, any property with a pool will have to be inspected before it is sold or leased.

Schedule 2.2 awards the Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulation 2010 so that the vendor under a sale of residential premises on which there is a swimming pool must attach to the contract of sale either a valid certificate of compliance for the pool or a relevant occupation certificate together with evidence that the swimming pool is registered under proposed 3A of the principal act.

Schedule 2.3 awards the Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010 to make it a term of all residential tenancy agreements that if a pool is situated on the residential premise, the landlord agrees to ensure that the pool is registered and that there is a valid certificate of compliance or relevant occupational certificate for the pool and that a copy of the certificate will be forwarded to the tenant at the time that the agreement is entered into.

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