What to Expect During Litigation?

When it comes to Supreme Litigation, we breakdown all factors of the process and ensure the path is clear, structured and most importantly successful.

Litigation is the official and legal method for settling disputes between individuals, organisations or the state. In most cases, the individual requires an attorney to defend and represent on their behalf.

There is a sequence of complexities that occurs before the initial lawsuit. We take responsibility of managing all phases of the case from investigation, right through to trials and settlements so that you are never alone during the process. Often, clients are unaware of the procedures and guidelines we follow. There are a few factors you can expect during litigation.

When we take on client cases, we first begin with case assessments and investigations. This gives us thorough knowledge of evidence, facts and a defence that we can put forward. Gathering of these documents may take significant time leading up to the dispute. Secondly, both parties will be asked to draft pleadings. Attorneys will be asked to draft file summons and a complaint to begin the litigation.

Next, the discovery process begins, and both parties will be asked to exchange all relevant information. Methods of discovery to share this information included interrogatories, documentation and physical evidence. This assists litigators to collect all information, recognise issues and also begin crafting a case strategy.

After this process, pre-trial tasks begin and preparation for court commences. Wrapping up discovery and consulting clients and witnesses. Each party will base their case off facts and evidence. During this time there is also a possibility of settlement prior attending court. Both litigation lawyers will attempt negotiations and mediation. If both parties cannot reach an agreement, then the matter is settled in court.

Post-trial litigation is required to finalise and close the case, just because the trial has ended does not mean the litigation has. The length of a litigation case can never be estimated. The matter may be simple and fast, or it can continue for months or even years. This is why it is crucial to have an attorney with your best interests at heart to

Each litigation case is unique and varies in course of events. At Adams Lawyers however, we make sure that each case is dealt with efficiently and accordingly. Our experts ensure that they work closely with you to achieve the best possible result for no matter what it takes.

Going the extra mile for our clients is our passion. All litigation cases are complicated, that is why we provide all the right resources to make sure your law suit is dealt with appropriately and professionally.

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