A question we get asked quite often is can we sell our property without a real estate agent? The answer is, yes. However, to put the property on the market you still need to have a Contract for Sale of Land prepared and, in your possession, before you can market the property or before any proposed purchaser can inspect the property.

This rule is with the exception of rural properties which can be marketed without a Contract for Sale of Land.

If you are listing your property for sale with or without a real estate agent, we can prepare the Contract for Sale of Land for you. We can make an appointment for you to attend our office, or we can email to you an instruction sheet for you to complete and email back- its as simple as that!

If you require any further information on a preparation of a Contract for Sale of Land, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly property department team on 02 4721 6200.


Written by Megan Johnson.

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