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Here you will find detailed articles of our most recent court matters, written by the lawyers involved in the case.

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Bankruptcy Notices- Another win for our client

It is important to get the right help in trying to recover money that you are owed. One of the options available to recover a debt owed by someone is ...
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Cappello v Hammond & Simonds NSW Pty Ltd (2020/255825)

A fantastic win for Mr Atul Singh in this Court of Appeal. You can read the full judgement here.
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Sought After Investments Pty Ltd v Unicus Homes Pty Ltd [2019] NSWSC 600 (23 May 2019)

Another big win for our clients! This was a Building & Construction case where a payment claim was made under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) against ...
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Updated Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulations

From 1 September 2017 three major changes were introduced into the Conveyancing Regulations, Schedule 1, being the documents which must be attached to a Contract for Sale of Land. Sewer ...
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