Compensation & Negligence Claims

Life can be going so well for you when suddenly, through no fault of your own, your whole lifestyle and standard of living can be put at risk.

In those circumstances, you need someone who can give you clear, sound advice in regard to your rights and the various options that are available to you to maximise your entitlements from any wrong that has befallen you.

Why Use APL?

At Adams & Partners Lawyers we have the experience and expertise to assist you in regard to compensation or negligence claims.

Our Team has worked on some of the most high profile claims of recent years and can quickly and accurately determine the viability of your case and the likelihood of success. You don’t need to travel to the city to get the best advice, call the experts at Adams & Partners Lawyers.

How we can help you

We can provide advice in regard to the following:

  • Negligence claims and insurance disputes;
  • Motor vehicle claims;
  • Workplace or job related claims;
  • Medical litigation;
  • Victims of crime;
  • Defective or harmful product claims;
  • Incidents in shopping centres and public places;
  • Loss of income claims;
  • Life or disability insurance disputes.

Your first consultation is free and without obligation. Home and hospital visits can also be arranged at your convenience.

Give us a call today and find out how we can help you.

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