Bankruptcy is a serious matter that can affect all of us. It is a legal process to appoint a person (called a trustee) to look after a insolvent person’s financial affairs. An insolvent person is a person who is generally unable to pay their debts as and when they fall due.

  • Have you been served with a bankruptcy notice?
  • Are you contemplating filing for voluntary bankruptcy?
  • Are any of your possessions about to be repossessed?
  • Are too many debts making your life stressful?

If you have answered any of the above with “yes”, Adams & Partners Lawyers are able to assist you in relation to your bankruptcy.

Why use Adams & Partners Lawyers?

Adams & Partners Lawyers can assist you with all facets of the bankruptcy process. For example, Adams & Partners Lawyers may be able to negotiate with your creditors:

to pay off outstanding debts over time by way of a payment arrangement; or
negotiate with your creditors for a reduction in the total debt outstanding.
In these circumstances, you will need a bankruptcy lawyer to negotiate with your creditors to reach the best possible outcome for you.

Sometimes however, bankruptcy is inevitable – if so, then Adams & Partners Lawyers will be able to advise you on whether something can be done to protect your assets.

Types of clients

Adams and Partners Lawyers regularly act for all types of clients in the bankruptcy process from mums and dad to directors of small and large companies. Our tailored advice and solutions ensure we deliver cost effective advice to you.

How can we help?

Adams and Partners Lawyers’ highly experienced team realise the importance in not only understanding bankruptcy law but also in possessing the necessary commercial skills to assist you in these issues.

Nicols & Brien Business Recovery

Since Early 2000 Adams & Partners have built a trusted relationship with Nichols & Brien. Steve Nicols, Richard Brien and their team are experts in Part X Agreements, Bankruptcy, Voluntary Administration and Liquidations.

For our clients who require specific advice in these areas, after the legallities have been covered, we are more then happy to pass on their details.

For more information about Nicols & Brien and how they may be able to help you please feel free to contact our office or to go their website.

If you recieve a brankruptcy notice in NSW, know that our lawyers have your best interest at heart. Our bankruptcy lawyers offer their services to numerous areas in Sydney including Penrith and Parramatta.

Contact us today and find out how we can assist you.

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