Cameron Spanner


  • Bachelors of Communications
  • Bachelor of Law
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

Cameron is one of the youngest and most versatile members of the Adams & Partners Lawyers team. Cameron was admitted to practice Law in New South Wales in early 2017. Cameron began at the firm managing the debt recovery team, whilst also working on a range of commercial and litigation matters. In late 2019, Cameron became our youngest Director of Adams & Partners Lawyers. Cameron was offered this position due to his fundamental focus on client relationships.

In late 2017, Cameron was given the task of managing the Wills & Estates department of Adams & Partners Lawyers. As of 2021, Cameron now manages the Personal Injury department, Criminal Law department and the Wills & Estates department. These areas have flourished with Cameron at the helm as he prioritises his clients and assists them in any way that he can, including offering home visits if necessary to a various number of locations (including the Penrith, Hawkesbury and the Parramatta areas).

Cameron also focuses on the marketing and growth of the Adam & Partners Lawyers brand.

We at Adams & Partners Lawyers continue to look forward to Cameron’s growth as a bright star and leader of our legal practice.

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