Atul Singh


  • Bachelors of Commerce (Human Resources & Industrial Relations)
  • Bachelor of Law
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

Atul is a Director at Adams & Partners, Lawyers where he oversees the Litigation Department, both Commercial/Corporate and Criminal.

He has a substantial experience of over 18 years’ experience in the legal industry, covering both the private and public sector. In the private sector, he has represented corporate and individual clients, ensuring best and successful outcomes.

In the public sector, he has dealt with different stakeholders, gaining diverse perspective in various areas.

His extensive experience and specialisation expands from Criminal and Commercial Litigation, Appeals across Tribunals and Courts and complex matters in Supreme Court of NSW. He also has experience in dealing with Summons seeking leave to appeal to the High Court of Australia. His expertise includes various types of Contracts (in particular, Building and Construction), defects, damages and losses, property development, and defending prosecution by NSW Police, Transport NSW and NSW Fair Trading.

Additionally, Atul also provides advice and assistance in matters relating to Licencing Applications and Refusals (such as Design and Building Practitioners, Builders and Real Estate).

Notably, he has received recognition for his work in the public sector, being a recipient of a Minister’s Award.

Overall, Atul’s profile highlights his comprehensive legal knowledge and experience.

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