31 March 2019 is the deadline to register for land tax and surcharge land tax.

Whether you need to pay land tax on your property depends on:-

  • The type of property;
  • What the property is used for;
  • The total value you own as at midnight on 31 December each year;
  • Whether you meet the definition of a foreign person.

There are exemptions and concessions where you do not have to pay land tax:-

You may become liable to pay land tax if:-

  • You own property jointly and it is not your principal place of residence;
  • Vacant land which includes rural land;
  • Holiday home;
  • Investment property;
  • Commercial premises.

It should be noted that land applies regardless of whether income is earned from the property or not.

You can register for land tax with Revenue NSW online or call them on 1300 136 816.

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