So, you:

  • Walked down some stairs and twisted your ankle?
  • Lifted an object and hurt your back?
  • Performed the same movement for years and are starting to feel pain?
  • Have experienced bullying and harassment by your colleagues and/or supervisor?

You are not alone, and we are here to help guide you through how to manage the first steps in making a workers’ compensation claim.

  1. Report your injury to your employer as soon as possible after it occurs.
  2. Ask your employer for your insurer’s details and a copy of the incident report (if possible).
  3. Attend your doctor for initial diagnosis and treatment. It is very important that your treating doctor takes a history from the outset of all the parts of your body that have been injured, including any stress or mental strain that you have experienced.
  4. Ask your doctor for a Certificate of Capacity.
  5. Keep all documents received from your employer, the insurer and your doctor in one place.
Important information you should know
  • Your employer is responsible for reporting your injury to their insurer within 48 hours after being made aware of your injury.
  • If your employer has not notified their insurer about your injury, or will not provide you with their insurer’s details, you should call the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO) on 13 94 76 for assistance.
  • Once your injury has been notified to the insurer, they must, within seven days:
    • Commence provisional weekly payments for up to 12 weeks; or
    • Delay commencing provisional weekly payments due to a reasonable excuse and notify you of the reason(s) for doing so; or
    • Determine liability for your injury.
  • If you are unhappy with the insurer’s decision, you can contact WIRO who are able to assist you in resolving your complaint with the insurer.
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