Recently the Commonwealth Government announced a parliamentary inquiry into allergic diseases. This parliamentary inquiry will be undertaken the Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport and will provide the opportunity for a thorough investigation into the challenges around allergic disease management in Australia. The inquiry is now accepting submissions up to 24 October 2019.

If you suffer from a food allergy or anaphylaxis this inquiry wants to hear from you!

To make a submission and to see the information that will assist the committee, visit:

For information on what will assist the committee and how to make a submission, visit:

What is the Standing Committee on Health, aged Care and Sport?

A Parliamentary Committee is a group of Members (of the House of Representatives or ‘lower house’) or Senators (of the Senate or ‘upper house’), appointed by one or both Houses of Parliament. The Standing Committee on health, Aged Care and Sport is appointed under Standing Order 215 to enquire and report on any matter referred to it by either House or a minister, including pre-legislation proposals, bill, motion, petition, vote, expenditure, other financial matter, report or document. These reports assist Parliament in making decisions and law and understanding the current state of an issue.

How Does it the Parliamentary Inquiry Work?
  1. The governing committee advertises what the inquiry is about, advertise the terms of reference and invite people and organisations to sent their opinions and proposals. People or organisations known to be interested in the subject or thought to have specialist knowledge may be approached directly to make submissions;
  2.  The committee, analyses any existing material on the subject matter of the inquiry;
  3. The Committee considers the submissions received and may invite some who have lodged submissions to meet with the Committee at a public hearing to discuss their submissions and answer questions. Committee’s may even conduct seminars, public meetings, focus groups and other gatherings to obtain more information. Inspections of facilities can also take place;
  4. After examining all the evidence, the committee prepares a report setting out its conclusions and making recommendations. This report is presented to Parliament.
Why Should I Contribute?

Many experts in the field will contribute to this inquiry, however the only people who truly understand the unique and varied challenges that face those with food allergy and anaphylaxis are those who suffer. Your contribution will ensure that these challenges and their impacts are correctly and adequately documented. Your submissions should also make recommendations that address possible improvements within society and the care of those with allergies to enhance quality of life.

These inquiries often lead to law reform and stronger government policy so it is imperative that the full impact of allergy and anaphylaxis is recorded so that the results address as many of the issues faced by suffers and their families as possible.

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