As a result of the restrictions placed on people during the Covid-19 crisis, the Government has amended the law to allow for the witnessing and signing of documents by audio visual link. This applies to a large range of documents, including Wills, Powers of Attorney, Deeds, Guardianship Appointments, Affidavits and Statutory Declarations. 

The arrangements are that either the witness signs a separate copy of the same document that the person on the video link signs and the two copies are then stored together, or, that after the person signs the document they then email a copy of the signed document to the witness who then countersigns that copy. 

The law requires the witness to put some special words with their signature to make the process legally valid.

However, this means that the inability to go and visit the lawyer/witness is no longer a barrier to documents being signed and witnessed.

At Adams & Partners Lawyers we have the technology to allow us to see a person sign a document by video link so if you need assistance of this sort do not hesitate to contact us at Adams Partners Lawyers. It also means that if you are wanting to have those types of documents prepared we can also obtain the information we need to prepare the documents by video link.

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