Debt Recovery & Insolvency

Can a Business Legally Refuse a Cash Payment?

In a world functioning in an increasing digital age, transactions paid by bankcard are becoming the popular preference, particularly for members of younger generations. With the rise of COVID-19, the health and safety of all aspects of our lives have been brought the forefront of discussions. With questions still looming as to how the COVID-19 …

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Default Listings: Key Things Every Business Must Know

For many businesses, registering a default listing against a debtor with a credit reporting agency is common practice and assists in the debt recovery process. However, many businesses are not aware of the steps that must be taken under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“the Privacy Act”) and could render a listing invalid, such that …

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AfterYAY or AfterNAY for AfterPAY?

In recent years, Afterpay has taken Australian shoppers by storm. It is now easier than ever to get that outfit, book that flight or go on that adventure and pay for it later. It sounds great doesn’t it? What could possibly go wrong? Well here at Adams & Partners, we can tell you that everything …

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Is my claim for a debt statute barred?

Contractual relationships govern most of our daily interactions and over the course of our lives most of us will enter into a contract either as an individual or business. In many cases, these contracts concern one party owing money to another. What often comes as a surprise is that in NSW, there comes a time …

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Managing your debtors

Debtors – we’ve all got a few of them! Customers owing money are becoming more common these days, especially in the current climate. A failure to manage your debtors can be damaging to your business. You’ve got to nip it in the bud, and make sure the debts don’t turn bad. Here are a few …

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Enforcement of Judgments

I have previously written in the past about the debt recovery process on our blog – if you’ve read it, I hope that you found it helpful. 

Beware Statutory Demands!

Don’t ignore letters of demand issued by your creditors – particularly if they are a certain type called a “Statutory Demand”. These demands can be issued to companies and the consequences of failing to respond to one of them can be severe.

A brief summary of the various stages of the debt recovery process

The debt recovery process can be long, complicated, and stressful. We lots of questions about the process from our clients, trying to make head or tail of it. We’ve put together a short explanation of what the process looks like.

Can your business afford to carry bad debt?

Businesses usually work hard to provide goods and services to others and are excited about delivering their products to their customers. However, it is surprising how many businesses forget about the importance of getting paid.

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