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"What is a Franchise Agreement?" – A reminder after Workplace Safety Australia v Simple OHS Solutions Pty Limited

I often receive calls from new clients seeking advice as to how they can expand their business.  Of those, I am often asked whether their plans may be a franchise. Often, there is a fear or concern about establishing a franchise given the perceived difficulties and regulation surrounding franchising in Australia.

A brief summary of the various stages of the debt recovery process

The debt recovery process can be long, complicated, and stressful. We lots of questions about the process from our clients, trying to make head or tail of it. We’ve put together a short explanation of what the process looks like.

Disclosure Documents – The Importance of Being Earnest and Current

Franchising, as a way of doing business, can be very financially rewarding. When things go wrong though, the source of the problem can often be traced back to the beginning, when the franchise was being set up. Amongst the number of important elements to consider, the franchisor needs to ensure that a Franchise Disclosure Document …

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Peter Adams restores his client's building license

Mr Peter Adams scored a win in May this year when he assisted his client in recovering his building license. 

Building Law – Oral Contracts

The Law recognises oral (parole) contracts and will enforce those contracts subject to the principles of parole evidence. The Courts recognise that a contract can be in writing, partly in writing, partly oral or totally oral.

Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol and Drink Driving

Under the Road Transport (Safety & Traffic Management) Act 1999 Police have the power under Section 13 of that Act to conduct random breath tests to eliminate Drink Driving. The operative word is random and the Police do not need the driver of a motor vehicle to have committed any offence before a formal demand …

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Changes for Workers Compensation in NSW

  The New South Wales Liberal Government has recently advised that the New South Wales Workers Compensation Scheme is in deficit to the tune of $4 billion. It has been conceded that much of this loss has been to the effect of investments from the Workcover fund and the Global Financial Crisis. However it seems …

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Termination of Employment

Termination of Employment With the exception of people who are employed by the State Government, all employers and their employees in New South Wales are now covered by the (Commonwealth) Fair Work Act as the law applies to claims for relief for unfair dismissal or unlawful termination.

Criminal Sentencing – Intensive Correction Orders

On 1 October 2010 there was a significant change to the sentencing law of New South Wales. On this day Periodic Detention ceased to be a sentencing option in New South Wales and a new community sentencing option called “An Intensive Correction Order” became available. This change is contained in the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act …

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Adams and Partners Lawyers Successful in Securing Payment from a Family Provision Order in Deceased’s Estate

Adams & Partners Lawyers were successful in securing a lump sum payment received out of the estate for the sister of a deceased, who was not included in the deceased’s will, under the Succession Act 2006 (NSW).

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