We recently had a great result for our client where NSW Fair Trading had refused to issue a builder’s licence.

As is the case in a lot of the circumstances that trades people making an application for a builder’s licence are not aware that as long as they can provide proof (supported by evidence from other people) that they have carried out building work for, this can be used for a builder’s licence with NSW Fair Trading.

Our client had such an experience where he had been working in the building industry for approximately 40 plus years. He had done a wide variety of building work for different people over the years. There is a requirement when making an application for a builder’s licence that a wide variety of building work is shown within the required time period (along with the other requirements of qualifications).

Although NSW Fair Trading had initially rejected the builder’s licence application for our client, we were able to show NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (on appeal) evidence of our client’s experience. Some of the building work experience was also as a sub-contractor.

To assist you and advise you in your builder’s licence application, you can call Adams & Partners, Lawyers.

Written by Atul Singh

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