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What is “Title Insurance”?

One of the things we suggest to all our clients who are purchasing property is to consider getting Title Insurance. Title Insurance is an insurance policy that protects a purchaser from things that they may not have necessarily identified or discovered during the conveyancing process. While we at Adams & Partners Lawyers certainly do our best, […]

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Swimming Pool Compliance

Due to changes in the Swimming Pools Act 1992 (NSW), from 29 October 2013, swimming pools and spas will be required to be registered via an online register of pools. This applies to all pools, not just new ones. The Act also sets out that from 29 April 2016, all contracts for sale for property that […]

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Swimming Pools Amendment Bill 2012

The Swimming Pool Amendment Bill, currently awaiting enactment, provides that all swimming pools across the state are to be added to a new online registry within 12 months. Property owners who don’t register their pools within that time frame will face fines of $2,200.00. Safety compliance will also be carried out by councils and private […]

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First Home – New Home Scheme

From 1 January 2012, the First Home Plus Scheme will be replaced by the First Home- New Home Scheme. The amendment provides that an agreement or transfer will only be eligible for concession or exemption if the property being purchased is a new home or vacant land to be used as the site for a […]

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