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The Importance of a Good Bullying and Harassment Policy

Companies in Australia owe a duty to provide a safe working environment free from bullying and harassment. This applies to not only employees, but anyone who has a relationship with your company. Workplace bullying is defined by Safe Work Australia as ‘the repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or a group of workers […]

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What to do if you are injured at work

  Has this happened to you at work? You are walking down some stairs and twist and hurt your knee; You lift a box that is much heavier than you thought and hurt your back; Your boss or supervisor is making unreasonable demands regarding your work duties and you are feeling stressed. It is very […]

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Changes for Workers Compensation in NSW

  The New South Wales Liberal Government has recently advised that the New South Wales Workers Compensation Scheme is in deficit to the tune of $4 billion. It has been conceded that much of this loss has been to the effect of investments from the Workcover fund and the Global Financial Crisis. However it seems […]

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Changes to the Journey Claims

Workers in New South Wales No Longer Covered for Injuries Sustained on a Journey to or from Work. Widespread changes were made to workers compensation law in New South Wales in June 2012. One of the many changes has been the virtual abolition of an entitlement to workers compensation benefits where a worker is injured […]

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